School-Wide Acknowledgement System

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Commitment to PBS

Overview of PBS Principles
Length: 45 min.

 Environmental & Functional Factors
(Updated 11-11)

Evaluating Consequences (Part 1)
Length: 90 min.

Universal Expectations

Office Referral Procedures

School-Wide Social Skills Instruction

Active Supervision

Data-Based Decision Making

Safe & Welcoming Culture

How to Use Referral Forms     (LLRS and Office)


Proactive Supervision

Enforcement of Expectations


Evaluating Consequences (Part 2) Length: 45 min.

Positive Reinforcement

Establishing a Well-Managed Classroom

Auditing PBS Implementation

 Overview of Tier One Structures
Length: 45 min.


Teaching Expectations  (Updated 11-11)

Teaching Social Skills (Updated 11-11)

The Importance of Building a Positive Culture

Bully Prevention in a PBS Culture (Updated 2-12)

Establishing an Adult-Student Mentoring Program

California Legalities of Suspending Students

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